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Canine Obedience Training at Hunt Club



for dogs five months or older, is a course in which you and your pet learn skills, such as heel and loose leash walking, sit, stay, down, come, etc. Problem behaviors, such as nipping, jumping and aggression, are also covered.  Basic grooming and nutrition tips are  discussed.  This class can be repeated with Basic Plus for those needing fine-tuning.


introduces you and your dog to off-lead work. Building on the lessons learned in Basic, it further establishes your ability to work as a team and your dog's reliability in responding
on command in a variety of situations on and off leash.  Continuing education is offered for those not ready to move on to the next level.


Novice (and beyond),

continues your work in  obedience commands, but with emphasis now on off-lead exercises.  As your confidence and ability to work as a team grows, you will enjoy owning a dog you can control off-leash in public spaces.  This is also the level where some students will consider using their skills for competition.  Competition prep is also available.

 *Classes and social activities are also available such as "show dog handling" and "carting" to name a few.

Group Class Descriptions -  5-week course (1 hour per week)

Puppy Kindergarten,

teaches training and socialization methods to puppies eight weeks to five months, as well as providing solutions to puppy's behavioral problems geared to this crucial stage of development. Your puppy will also enjoy engaging in "playtime," in which the puppies interact and develop necessary social skills.  Both purebreds and mixed breeds are welcome.

Little Paws & Little Paws Agility,

classes are for dogs 50 lbs and under and offer the same skills as Basic, Sub-Novice, Novice, Agility, Rally, and Rally Combo classes geared towards smaller dogs.  While small dogs have unique challenges, they are every bit as capable of learning obedience behaviors as their larger counterparts.  Training your small dog can help with both fear and agression.  Training is also the best tool for keeping little guys safe out in the world!  Little Paws classes offer BIG instruction in a non-threatening environment.

Rally & Rally Combo,

combine a variety of obedience exercises with the design of a road rally course. Rally allows handlers to talk to and praise their pets as they perform obedience skills at stations along a set course.  Rally is a great stepping stone from basic obedience to the AKC Canine Good Citizen, agility or higher level obedience. As one of the first training centers in Tidewater to offer Rally, we are excited to offer this sport for fun or competion.

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Training Options

Training with Dory offers a variety of carefully designed training options to fit your needs, schedule, and budget.  Five week Group Classes are a fun, affordable option for many dog owners.  Descriptions of some of the most popular group class options are outlined on this page.  Other specialty classes like conformation show practice, carting, etc. are offered when a group of 5 or more students can be assembled.  If you want a more personalized experience or your dog needs special attention, Private Lessons may be right for you.  Private lessons can be scheduled at either of our two training facilities to fit your busy life.  Another option is In Home Training.  We bring the training experience to you!  Need some extra help or in a time crunch?  Consider our We Train First option.  We train your dog and then we train you.  No matter which option you choose, Training with Dory offers the best dog training experience around!