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Canine Obedience Training at Hunt Club


Show, ARBA, AKC, and UKC.  She is able to share her experiences to encourage students to owner handle in a sport often dominated by professionals.


Whether looking to train a family pet, a competition dog, or finetune complex training issues, Dory strives to customize a program for each dog and owner team.  Dory specializes in aggression and anxiety cases and is frequently called upon to testify as an expert witness in dog-related suits.  She has also shared her knowledge with the community on the Hampton Roads Show and in a Channel 3 interview where she did a demonstration with over 15 dogs.


Dory’s primary goal is to give you, your dog’s primary trainer, the tools to build communication, mutual respect, and trust.  Her teaching is uncomplicated and assures success for both dog and owner in a fun way.

Owner and head trainer Dory Hofmann has served the Tidewater region as a professional trainer and handler for more than 30 years.  She trains dogs based on their unique personalities and breed dispositions.  She believes that dog training is all about forming a solid relationship with your dog.  This relationship is essential to communicating what you want to your dog, motivating them to respond consistently, and understanding what your canine companion needs from you to live a happy life. 


Dory’s services reflect her professional experiences handling and training dogs and their owners.  While help with a family pet is the focus for most clients, many of her students have gone on to participate in competitive events.  Dory herself has won top honors in numerous prestigious performance and breed venues such as Westminster Kennel Club, World Dog

Dory Hofmann